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Set Your Inner Child Free

Transform the way you feel about yourself through healing your inner child


Course Summary

Join me for this live course to transform the way you feel within and about yourself by healing your inner child through energy healing processes. Working with the loving support of the universe you will learn how to connect with, heal and give safety and freedom to the inner child aspect of you. transforming the way you communicate with yourself forever. This course is very experiential, giving you powerful tools and processes to work with your inner child in new and positive ways for the rest of your life.

The course consists of 3 x weekly 2 hour live zoom classes starting on Tues 26th July 2022. In-between each session there will be bonus MP3 and PDF's guide you and assist you with integrating the shifts from the live sessions.

Week 1 - Connect with your inner child (Tues 26th July 2022)
We will be working with healing light, guides and divine assistance in creating a safe space for your inner child to feel safe to be heard, seen and grow. This is where we will be establishing the foundations for completely transforming the way you communicate with yourself to be kinder and more in tune with your inner being. We will be healing barriers to communicating with your inner child

Week 2 - Heal your inner child (Tues 2nd Aug 2022)
We will be working with universal and divine energies to bring about powerful healing across all timelines and empowering your inner child withall the resources they need to feel safe to grow, express and be themselves, so that you can integrate hurt or scared parts of yourself to feel more peaceful and whole. These processes allow you to tap into your body's inner wisdom WITHOUT having to revisit or verbalise old traumas

Week 3 - Free your inner child (Tues 9th Aug 2022)
We will be developing our new found communication and gathering the skills to listen to, honour and express the innocent, creative aspect of ourselves, giving you the tools to move forward with a new bounce in your step

Pippa King

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