Sacred You - Self Love Codes Mini Healing Retreat


Join me for some TLC and sacred soul time, snuggle into to some self love and embrace the beautiful unique divine being that you are. We will be coming home to our divine wholeness, experiencing deep healing and powerful shifts on all levels as we connect deeply with our inner wisdom, our souls light and source energy to re-awaken to the unconditional love within. Experience deeper wholeness, feeling more connected to your body and your divine essence as we work with your soul support team, the divine feminine and cosmic light codes to fall in love with yourself and create more harmony between your mind, body and soul. Energy clearings, divine downloads and practical daily sacred self love practises.

Do you always put yourself last on the list?
Do you criticize yourself and your body?
Would you love to shed a ton of past life and ancestral baggage?
Release layers of loneliness, criticism and judgement?
Would you love to feel good about you?
And connect more deeply with your inner wisdom?

Valentines can be a strange time for many of us. Instead of running a soul mate or twin flame workshop this year I've been called to run a workshop ALL ABOUT YOU! 

This mini healing retreat is an invitation to come inward, to release and dissolve many layers of the masks we wear to please others and come into a safe and sacred space to honour our divinity. Come home to our sacredness and experience deeper peace, love and acceptance of ourselves.

Are you ready to give yourself permission for some TLC?

2 hours
7pm GMT | 11am PST | 2pm EST

Monday, 13 February 2023
07:00 PM GMT

Live Webinar Session has ended now.









Love code heart activations to help you to with your love yourself and the skin your in.

Energy clearings to release old stuck emotions, vows, oaths, contracts and limiting self beliefs

Guided meditation to rest, restore and reconnect with the unconditional love within

Explore daily self care, kindness & compassion exercises to deepen your self love.

Experience blissful healing as we work with ascended rays and light encoded frequencies. of love.

Remember your oneness as we connect with all that we are through these powerful processes

Gratitude & Praise

." As a well established psychotherapist and energy healer I am quite selective who i choose to work with for my own healing. I love working with Pip, because she always works very deeply and directly, discovering multi-dimensional layers and transforming them quickly and safely. I feel the shifts immediately, but it is after the sessions that they really show up in my life. I highly recommend Pip and her healing work for anyone wanting to clear life blocks and evolve personally."

Susan Kennard
Spiritual Scientist

 "I had my 1st course with Pippa last year and it was great. At first I got a fantastic sense of peace & harmony, but in just a few days, the whole of life got a boost. I was feeling like I was on a runway, ready to take off, I didn't know the destination, but alot of things happened in just a few weeks, completely changing my life. Now, I cant wait to take the next course with Pippa, a fantastic teacher. Sharing my experiences with her has been really great, she is patient & helpful & her positive energy flows all around."

Alessandro Razze
Holistic practitioner

 "Pippa is an amazing channel for the light. The healing works deeply at the core of the soul transmuting old energies that hold you back. During the sessions I could actually feel old energy leaving from my head and deep calm as light returned. It is really powerful as following the sessions I felt many shifts and joy return. I am now able to complete tasks that I felt blocked in. Thanks Pippa, Il be booking more sessions."

Sarah Massiah
Award Winning Author

Pippa King
Intuitive, Energy Healing Teacher, Coach & Mentor

Hi, I specialise in helping sensitives and lightworkers to embody their light, unlock their gifts and follow their own path by connecting with their inner wisdom remembering your divine wholeness & clearing thousands of years of contracts, traumas, limitations to live your fullest life.

"Don't you know it yet? It's your light that lights the world"

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