I SEE YOU....    amazing, beautiful, a unique spark of divine energy

I FEEL YOU....   struggling and efforting to get to where you want to be, battling against your inner fears and limitations in a tug of war between heart and head, trying to tune into your guidance, your gifts and figure out your purpose. Thinking that when you get there, you will feel happy and finally feel worthy and successful.

AND I GET IT..  whether your feeling confused by spiritual awakening, feeling stuck or lost on your path, trapped in trauma or struggling with inner peace and outer life results, it can feel heavy, tiring and frustrating when you just aren't getting the results you want.  You practise manifesting, affirmations, self work, but some things just aren't shifting....

Your not alone my friend.

Can you hear the call of your heart?
Calling you home to wholeness?
Your truth?
To the fullest expression of YOU?


WHAT IF....    
Coming home to your wholeness as an infinite being held the answer?
What if you knew you were eternal source energy, totally worthy and amazing?
What if you already held the divine blueprint for all your inner and outer happiness within?
What if you could activate this remembering, unlock your gifts and recalibrate your system into alignment?
Allowing you to clear your your system of thousands of fears, contracts, traumas, vows and limiting beliefs quickly and easily and integrate all multi-dimensional parts of yourself to feel more divinely whole than ever before.
What if you could tap into your own inner wisdom and connect more deeply with your cosmic heritage and personal soul support team?

How different would you feel?
How much more clarity would you have?
How much better would your life be?

Don't get me wrong, this is not a quick fix! It is deep and powerful work, but its fast and powerful.

Everyone's spiritual path is unique and always unfolding, as we find our own inspirations, teachers, tools and practises to support us with challenges along the way but it is much clearer and easier when we are in touch with we divinity, intuitive gifts, guidance and soul support team.

Hi, I'm Pippa

Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Artist & Ascension Coach

Assisting you on your journey of personal freedom to align with your intuitive gifts, divine wholeness & inner wisdom. Access your multi-dimensional akash to clear fears, traumas, contracts and limiting patterns. Upgrade and recalibrate your energy system with light encoded frequencies to live your highest purpose and create a life you love.

Attuning you to the higher frequency of your soul

I've been an intuitive energy healer, coach, artist and teacher for over 20 years. I've taught hundreds of people from all over the world how to tap into their inner wisdom, heal their traumas, unlock their healing gifts, potential and transform their lives. I run my own business teaching certified healing courses, workshops, retreats, public speaking, featuring on radio shows and writing for spiritual magazine. I'm the owner of Live Theta, UK, founder of Cosmic Light Codes and the co founder of 9D Clearing.

My Background

In my younger years I travelled the world a lot, worked as hairdresser, dancer, managed health food shops and taught holistic therapies in schools, whilst walking my own spiritual path, understanding & developing my natural gifts. I've had more than my fair share of traumas and used to suffer from anxiety & PTSD. I found the things that worked for me were energy modalities that bypassed the mind and work directly with the bodies wisdom, this led me to teach healing and specialising in trauma recovery as it had helped me so much.

 In 2012 I was called to move to tiny island to be part of the energetic shifts, very quickly I was living my dream life teaching healing Internationally and running retreats in Europe, during which time I began working in new deeper multi-dimensional ways as cosmic light codes came into my work, I thought my life was perfect and I had manifested exactly what I wanted inside in every are of my life. Then a big move, divorce and a shock illness that nearly killed me and changed my life all over again. Beginning a new healing journey, with a deeper appreciation of my body, a new gentler way of being, living, expressing & working with a deeper level of self love.  When I'm not transforming lives, I love making arts & crafts, travelling, being outside with my dog, drawing, writing and dancing.

I believe...

That we are all infinite beings, the energy of love & creation having a physical experience. That we chose to come here at this amazing time to be part of a great shift in consciousness, a new chapter in the universe, ascension, to embody our uniqueness, our gifts and contribute to planet and each other with more compassion, freedom and self expression. Now is the time to remember this truth.

I love...

What I do with a passion and delight in empowering spiritual souls navigate their way through this crazy experience we call human life and clear their systems of old traumas, fears and patterns to find their divine gifts, wholeness, unique path and align with their highest purpose.

In a nutshell, you are here to be unapologetically YOU. The more you embrace your divine self, drop everything that is not you or limits you and do more of what makes YOU happy, the more things flow.

So Infinite Amazing You

Are You Ready For a Quantum shift beyond your fears?

My Qualifactions

UK Trained & Accredited

Although I have studied extensively, I have found that the ups and downs I've been through, the traumas, relationships, the new experiences and the people I've met along the way have been as much of my teachers as any certificate. I've also been blessed with amazing teachers and a strong soul support team along my own personal freedom journey. I feel I am always learning, growing and evolving on this human journey.

  • 2012 FDA Education & Training
  • 2016 Founder of Cosmic Light Codes 
  • 2014 Access Bars Instructor
  • 2012 Co-founder of 9D Clearing
  • 2011 Life Alignment Practitioner
  • 2010 Advanced Theta Healing Instructor
  • 2009 Health, Wealth & Life Coach
  • 2008 Master NLP Practitioner
  • 2007 EFT Practitioner
  • 2007 Holotropic Breathwork
  • 2005 Crystal Healing Practitioner (Melody)
  • 2003 PTSD Specialist
  • 2002 Critical Incident Debriefer
  • 2001 Hypnotherapy (hons)
  • Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage
  • 2000 Reiki Master