Sharing the gratitue & Praise

Susan Kennard
Spiritual Scientist

 "I've known Pippa for a few years after attending one of her energy healing classes. As a well established psychotherapist and energy healer, I am quite selective in who I choose to work with for my own healing. I love working with Pippa, because she always works deeply and directly, discovering multi-dimensional layers and transforming them quickly and safely. I feel the shifts immediately, but it after the sessions that the changes really show up in my life. I would highly recommend Pippa and her healing wok for anyone wanting to clear life blocks and evolve personally."

Greg Burke
Teacher  |  Australia

 "While I have had healings from many excellent healers, healing sessions with Pippa are mind altering! My issues were a cluttered mind around my purpose in life, anxiety about public speaking plus abundance issues. I decided to work with Pippa after reading all the glowing reviews and a gut instinct. I enjoyed the sessions immensely due to enormous release of negative emotions and also Pippa's easy going personality while working at the deepest levels of my mind. The biggest single sessions were around public speaking and especially abundance, what a session! I have noticed I am much more easy going around people, and more confident in speaking in public. I believe healing with Pippa would be great for so many problems previously considered too complex or incurable. Pippa;s intuitive and healing abilities are amazing. Thanks Pippa" 

Renata Spinelly-Martins
Healer  |  Malta

 "Pippa, I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing learning, healing and experience on your healing retreat. It has been revolutionary on all levels, personal, professional, synchronisity, manifestation, I could go on. You are a fantastic and patient teacher with a very kind and big heart, I feel privileged to have learned with you. Thank you for being so genuine and open and for taking us to see the beautiful sites. I feel I have already entered a new shiny phase of my life and I'm so happy and excited about life and can't wait to share the amazing skills I've learned with others. Life just exploded in a phenomenal way!"

Alessandro Razze
Healer  |  Italy

 "At first I just got a fantastic sense of inner peace and harmony, but in just a few days the whole of my life got a boost. I was feeling as if I was on a runway, ready to take off. I did not know the destination, but alot of things happened in just a few weeks, completely changing my life. Now I can't wait to work more deeply with Pippa, a fantastic healer! Sharing my journey and experiences with her has been really great, she is helpful and patient, her positive energy flows all around. Thank you"

Tanyaa Williams
Healer  |  UK

 "I felt excited to attend a course and Pippa after hearing so much positive stuff about her. I had been trying to understand all i could about our souls and purpose after an abrupt awakening just a few months before the course. Pippa's energy was so beautiful, positive, light, uplifting, nurturing and safe feeling. The clarity and healing I felt was profound following the course and sessions that I had with Pippa. The biggest shifts that I noticed was in my ability to connect to source energy. Anyone who is struggling with any aspect of their life would benefit hugely from working with Pippa. I would recommend them to come and see Pippa and see their life rapidly change for the better."  

Sarah Massiah
Author & Healer |  UK

"Pippa is an amazing channel for the light. The healing works deeply at the core of the soul transmuting old energies that hold you back. During the sessions I could actually feel old energy leaving from my head and deep calm as light returned. It is really powerful as following the sessions I felt many shifts and joy return. I am now able to complete tasks that I felt blocked in. Thanks Pippa, Il be booking more sessions." 

Peter Vansteenkiste

“It is my pleasure and without reservations to recommend the services of Ms. Pippa King. I have been struggling with claustrophobia for over a decade, especially triggered when boarding an airplane. This being very problematic as I’m taking many flights a year, several transatlantic. One session with Ms. King was all it took to get rid off this extreme anxiety. Exceptional work should be recognized and thanks for making my travels enjoyable again!“   

Amy Garner
Life Coach | Spain

“I recently did the Theta Basic course with Pippa King and it was a wonderful experience. Pippa is a warm, bubbly and funny person who is humble. There's a lot to cover in the course but Pippa's light hearted approach meant that learning was enjoyable. The course was in a great setting and the lunchtime food provided was absolutely delicious. Pippa is very knowledgeable about, and experienced with, theta yet she doesn't take herself too seriously which was a breath of fresh air. I recommend learning with Pippa if you want an enjoyable and life changing three days with a great teacher."

"I am a therapist and was lucky enough to be a pupil on Pippa King's Theta Healing Abundance Course in December 2015. The course dug deep into many hidden personal issues and, due to Pippa's expert guidance, many blocks were cleared. Pippa created a safe, holding space to process deep material without the atmosphere getting heavy or overwhelming. One of the things I like most about Pippa's teaching style is her sense of humour and fun. She also demonstrates a lot of genuine care for her pupils and passion for healing, both on and off the course. I came away with more insight and awareness, new tools and techniques, and a feeling that much had shifted energetically. I highly recommend Pippa King's trainings."

Paula Smith
ThetaHealer I UK

"As a Theta Healer myself and a solicitor I am very discerning about who I work with. Pippa has been very effective in a very gentle way in moving my blocks to success and also showing me how to truly value myself. A very powerful lady who wields her power with great compassion in a non-judgemental way . I am truly grateful . Thank you Pippa." Paula Smith, UK

Denise Withey
Healer | UK

"I have taken Theta Basic DNA and Theta Advance courses with Pippa, as well as having a private one to one healing session. Pippa is an amazing teacher and healer. I've been going through some extremely challenging times for several years and Pippa noticed straight away that I was suffering from PTSD. We have worked through many physical and emotional blocks together, including a very traumatic past life experience which was having a huge in pact on my current life. Pippa works with speed, empathy & compassion and her healing delivers amazing results, many of them instant. When I arrived at the Advanced course I could hardly stand and was completely depleted of energy as a year full of intense stress suddenly hit me. I thought I would have to give up and go home but after a session of Theta with Pippa I managed to get through the 3 days and earned my certificate as an Advanced Theta Healer. If I can be any where near as good as Pippa and can help others change their lives for the better then it will be wonderful. I now use Theta in my every day life and it has been truly life changing. I can't thank Pippa enough, I highly recommend her healing and courses."

"Pippa is the most amazing teacher. I loved the course, working in a small group helped us to cover and learn about many healing experiences and on a personal level I feel lighter and totally transformed. I was feeling very stuck before the course and now I feel ready to move forward in my life with ease and enjoyment. I can’t wait to go on another course with Pippa.”

Katie McRae

I booked onto the Theta Practitioner course after I had.a 2 hour taster session with Pip as I couldn't believe how amazing I felt after such a short session. I knew I needed to know all there was to know about this amazing healing technique. The course was held in a wonderful location in the North of Malta with the most amazing teacher with the most welcoming energies over 3 days. It was a real roller coaster 3 days as it included a lot of healing practice on self and each other so there was a lot of self discovery and very emotional moments. At the time I thought wow this is amazing, however extremely intense - will I remember all of this? As they say it's like riding a bike...At the time I chose to go on the course I didn't know exactly what I would do with this wonderful information I thought purely for self and family, and now I want to share it with everyone and have been helping others though Theta as I travel round the world. Meeting Pip & Lucy and deciding to go on this Theta course has completely transformed my life over and over again...I would highly recommend it." Katie McCrae, Scotland

Venetia Zannitis
Author & Healer | Greece

"Before joining Pippa, I needed healing with many aspects of life. The biggest issue I was facing was emotional issues of the past. I decided to work with Pippa to learn techniques to heal myself and others. What I enjoyed most about the courses was the huge shift in consciousness, the ability to heal, and all the knowledge gained. I admit that today I feel lighter, happier, more confident, and a lot more powerful as an individual." 
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Elisenda Kirshmyer 
Cocreation coach | Italy

"I have had regular sessions with Pippa King for the last 5 years. She has an amazing ability to tune in. She starts at my "now point of expanded awareness" and finds the path for the next step in my soul growth and evolution. It has been a gift to have such a dedicated support in my awakening and reconnection to cosmic consciousness. Her work has helped me uncover more talents and gifts and gain more clarity for my future path. ...recommended to all that want to go beyond the ordinary!" 
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Kerry Madgwick
Nutritionist & Healer | UK

“Loved the Basic DNA Theta course with Pip - fantastic weekend learning about an amazing healing technique , PIp was very supportive, a wonderful teacher and guide - can't wait for the Advanced course. Having now completed the Advanced and Manifesting and Abundance with course, what can I say - amazing and life changing. Thank you Pip for holding the space what an experience we had lots of highs and lows, emotions, tears and laughter. The advanced was an amazing although slightly scary experience for me as I started to tune into my psychic abilities and had to clear many blocks, they are now mostly cleared and I have gone on to change the way I work with my clients because fo this. The Manifesting and Abundance course was fantastic, learning how to get really clear and what we want and identifying the things that were holding me back, sometimes the things you least expect, a fun and eye opening experience. I would highly recommend Beginners, Advanced and the manifesting and Abundance, whether you use these techniques for yourself for a more abundant life or go on to work with clients. Working with Pippa and the amazing ladies she attracts to her courses was a very supportive, fun, caring environment to allow your blocks and fears to be released and allow new experiences to come in. Looking forward to my session with Pippa and the next course xx”
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Susan Clifton
Healer | UK

"Throughout my life I’ve been blessed with the most amazing teachers, you’ve topped the lot, your essence is an amazing example.  I’m in deep deep gratitude and can’t thank you enough for the instruction, care and fun that I received on the course.  I feel as though parts of me I couldn’t access have been born!” 
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