1:1 Intuitive Healing Sessions

Are You Ready For a Quantum Shift in your life?

1:1 Healing sessions

The codes to your divine wholeness, outer success and inner happiness lay within, waiting to be unlocked. If you are looking for fast and powerful way's to dissolve fears, move beyond traumas, release limitations and experience profound shifts to embody more of your light, with a deeper connection to source energy and your infinite intuitive self, then these soul enriching, transformational sessions are for you. 

What can 1:1 sessions help with?

These powerful healing sessions can help you to shift the energy of anything that is causing imbalance or stagnation or negatively impacting any area of your life
  • Do you feel stuck, lost, heavy or blocked in yourself or in any your life?
  • Do you want to be free from the chains of fear, drama and trauma?
  • Would you like to connect more deeply with your higher self and spiritual gifts?
  • Do you want embrace more self love, freedom and self expression
  • Would you like to create more abundance, joy, love and fulfilment in your life? 
  • Would you like to release life limiting patterns, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs 

How do 1:1 sessions work?

Sessions are held via zoom or telephone. These sessions are really a remembering of your divine wholeness and gifts, deeply healing, empowering and insightful on all levels. I work intuitively with your body's wisdom, source energy, your soul support team and light encoded frequencies to access your multi-dimensional akashic records, allowing you to access and clear thousands of years of limiting patterns at a deep soul level, across all timelines, clearing your cellular and energetic fields of disruptions and activating the codes within you to bring about powerful healing, positive change and bring your whole system into a higher vibration, state of harmony and higher perspective of yourself and your life. I may also work with your inner child, EFT and other energy healing techniques during a session and give you empowerment tools to work with. Because everybody is different, I will be intuitively guided which processes will best assist and empower you to moving forward with a deeper love and connection with your divine self.

What can I expect?

This is NOT conventional talk therapy. These sessions DO create powerful and lasting shifts in your life, creating multi-dimensional inner and outer wholeness and well-being. During a session, you will feel safe and held in an energetic cuddle. I will then work with you, your body's wisdom (sometimes using muscle testing), source energy and light encoded frequencies to tune into where your energetic system guides me we need to go in order to heal, release, integrate, activate to release what is needed for your to integrate your body and your soul's light to create deeper self love, self expression and dramatically different shifts in your outer world. Your will experience these shifts in your body and energetic system in real time and feel lighter with every release and shift into deeper alignment with your divine self, allowing YOU to connect more deeply with your own uniqueness, gifts and guidance

You may experience...

  • feeling lighter, brighter & happier with YOU
  • feeling more like YOU then ever before
  • massive shifts in your outer life results
  • new gifts and inner clarity awakening
  • deeper alignment with your higher purpose
  • stronger connection with source energy and your guides
  • deeper self love, inner peace and appreciation
  • more self belief and confidence
  • doing things you never thought you would be able to do
  • from struggle to ease
  • from fear to clarity
  • from procrastination to inspired, excited action
  • from chaos to harmony
  • from striving to flow
  • from hiding to shining
  • from limiting patterns to inner freedom
  • from emotional pain to inner peace and calm
  • deeper self love, inner peace and appreciation
  • from muddle to clarity


." As a well established psychotherapist and energy healer I am quite selective who i choose to work with for my own healing. I love working with Pip, because she always works very deeply and directly, discovering multi-dimensional layers and transforming them quickly and safely. I feel the shifts immediately, but it is after the sessions that they really show up in my life. I highly recommend Pip and her healing work for anyone wanting to clear life blocks and evolve personally."

Susan Kennard
Spiritual Scientist

 "I had my 1st course with Pippa last year and it was great. At first I got a fantastic sense of peace & harmony, but in just a few days, the whole of life got a boost. I was feeling like I was on a runway, ready to take off, I didn't know the destination, but alot of things happened in just a few weeks, completely changing my life. Now, I cant wait to take the next course with Pippa, a fantastic teacher. Sharing my experiences with her has been really great, she is patient & helpful & her positive energy flows all around."

Alessandro Razze
Holistic practitioner

 "Pippa is an amazing channel for the light. The healing works deeply at the core of the soul transmuting old energies that hold you back. During the sessions I could actually feel old energy leaving from my head and deep calm as light returned. It is really powerful as following the sessions I felt many shifts and joy return. I am now able to complete tasks that I felt blocked in. Thanks Pippa, Il be booking more sessions."

Sarah Massiah
Award Winning Author

Pippa King
Intuitive Energy Healing Teacher, Coach & Mentor

Hi, I've been assisting people to get unstuck, tap into their divine worth, gifts and guidance for over 20 years.  By assisting you to access your Multi-dimensional akashic records, awakening the codes of your divinity and clearing thousands of years of contracts, traumas, limitations to embody your soul's unique brilliance and live a fulfilling life.